What is the class ratio?


Our class has a 6:1 ratio. 

We have two credentialed 
teachers to twelve kids 
per class.

What is my child expected to know/be able to do when entering Preschool?


Altough there are no specific requirements when entering Preschool, it is helpful to 
have your child potty trained.

What is your teaching style?


Both of us are credentialed teachers (previously taught kinder and first grade), so we definitely work on all the basics needed for Kindergarten, but we do it in an age appropriate style...games, songs, dancing, and play.

What will my child learn?


Although we do teach the academics needed for Kindergarten, much of our program is designed on developing basic skills needed for school, like sitting for a task, raising your hand, taking turns, sharing, using your words, listening, and problem solving. 

Does my child need to be 3-years old to start preschool?


The short answer is no, but there are a few things to determine if your child, at age 2, is ready for school...
1. Is he/she potty trained ?
2. Can your child follow simple directions?
3. Can your child sit for short intervals?
4. Is your child interested in learning? 

5. Is your child going to be a TK'er (Birthday September-December 1)?

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